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Exhibitor group delivery for DWWA


Group samples for London events with your DWWA samples and we'll take them to our UK warehouse, free of charge.

To save on additional shipping logistics, added fees and time, exhibitors taking part in the below events are invited to ship your wine samples for DWWA 2024 along with your event samples at no extra fee. 

  • London Fine Wine Encounter: 11 November 2023
  • Decanter Italy Experience: February 2024
  • The Big Fortified Tasting: 23 April 2024

Please note: It is essential to pre-register for this delivery method. Please select 'exhibitor group delivery' for the event you will group your samples for when entering your wines.

Instructions for Decanter event group delivery

Group your wine samples for Decanter's London Fine Wine Encounter or Decanter Italy Experience and DWWA 2024 (4 sample bottles per entry), clearly labelling samples intended for DWWA judging. We will then separate your samples, keeping your wine samples for DWWA in our temperature controlled warehouse for judging, and bringing your wine samples for the event to your stand.

Contact for group delivery at Decanter events:
Jarlath Curran

Instructions for The Big Fortified Tasting (The b.f.t.) group delivery

Group your wine samples for The Big Fortified Tasting and DWWA 2024 (4 sample bottles per entry), clearly labelling samples intended for DWWA judging. Your grouped samples will be brought to your exhibitor stand at The b.f.t. On the day of the tasting (23 April 2024), bring your samples for DWWA to Decanter's stand at the event and we will transport them to our UK warehouse for categorisation and judging, free of charge.

Registration deadline for group delivery at The b.f.t.: 15 March 2024
Group delivery fee: £0

Contact for group delivery at The b.f.t.:
Olivia Mason
Stand location for drop-off: TBC

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